Children’s Church

Children’s Church is for ages 3 -11 and Young Servants ages 12 -18. Each Sunday night the kids get to enjoy a church service tailored for their age group with lots of fun and excitement with song service, games and dramas!

We strive to give the children an opportunity to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior each service. We do this by presenting Bible truth in fun and practical ways that kids can understand on their level. Combining teaching with entertaining drama skits, visual object lessons, funny puppet skits, lip sync songs and memory verse games, are some of the ways we use to bring the gospel to their level. Each service is begun with a lively Song Service and Worship Time. We teach and encourage the kids to help us establish God’s presence in each service by actively participating in Praise and Worship.  You never know who might show up as we occasionally have special characters visit in our services.