Paul Whitaker

I grew up without a father and ran the streets selling drugs and sleeping around looking for approval wherever I could find it. I wanted peace and joy, I wanted approval and acceptance, this all seemed impossible to find so I left Atlanta and joined the Marines. I thought this would make me a good person, I thought a college degree and a black belt in martial arts would give me what I was looking for. I continued looking and came up short everywhere I went, I was running a never ending race to perfection searching for what I was missing. I excelled in sports and academics with a promising career where I was considered an expert with all the answers. But the truth was that I had the same questions everyone else had and hated myself for it, after my second year of marriage my wife was ready to leave me because of alcoholism and infidelity. I had become the man I never knew but hated so much, my father. I knew I had to change and my wife wanted to go to church as a last chance for our marriage, I grew up in church so I believed in God but what Jesus Christ did on the cross for me became real when I received Him into my heart and repented of my sins. My wife and I have four wonderful children and I have been sober since 2010, Jesus filled the emptiness and gave me peace and satisfaction and a joy that nothing in the world could ever give me.

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