Paul Whitaker

I grew up without a father and ran the streets selling drugs and sleeping around looking for approval wherever I could find it. I wanted peace and joy, I wanted approval and acceptance, this all seemed impossible to find so I left Atlanta and joined the Marines. I thought this would make me a good person, I thought a college degree and a black belt in martial arts would give me what I was looking for. I continued looking and came up short everywhere I went, I was running a never ending race to perfection searching for what I was missing. I excelled in sports and academics with a promising career where I was considered an expert with all the answers. But the truth was that I had the same questions everyone else had and hated myself for it, after my second year of marriage my wife was ready to leave me because of alcoholism and infidelity. I had become the man I never knew but hated so much, my father. I knew I had to change and my wife wanted to go to church as a last chance for our marriage, I grew up in church so I believed in God but what Jesus Christ did on the cross for me became real when I received Him into my heart and repented of my sins. My wife and I have four wonderful children and I have been sober since 2010, Jesus filled the emptiness and gave me peace and satisfaction and a joy that nothing in the world could ever give me.

Tiffany Edwards

Before I got saved I had an anger problem, I also used to curse a lot and was filled with hate and envy. I used to party and drink looking for worth in men, I did those things because I felt cheated by the world. Even with all of these problems people said I was smart and that I had myself together, but at night I was alone and I knew who I really was and what I struggled with. I used to try and change but I failed every time. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, I thought that I needed medication like my mother and I would cry because I couldn’t stop doing the things that I was doing. One day someone told me about the love of Jesus Christ, I heard how He died on the cross for me so that I could be forgiven of my sins. I also learned that if I asked God for forgiveness that I would be set free and that it was that simple. I said a simple prayer and asked God to forgive me and to come into my heart and change me. I began to go to church, pray, and hang out with other people in church. People began to help me and to encourage me to live for Jesus, this was the best decision that I’ve ever made. God has blessed me with a husband and three kids, He gave me peace and joy and a church family I feel so blessed!

Shadaisiah Whitaker

I grew up in a dysfunctional family, my dad was in and out of my and my sister’s lives and our mom was abusive. I had a low self-esteem and no faith in God, I knew of Him but never sought Him out. When my dad divorced my mom and married another woman he moved us to different state and I was devastated. The relationship I had with his wife was bad, it wasn’t long before I became depressed. When I was 16 my dad sent me to away to live with some relatives and I was neglected by everyone, I then began to have thoughts of suicide. I later left to live with my oldest sister and her family to finish high school and began going to church with them. There I learned that even with all of my flaws and imperfections God still loved me, because of that I made the decision to give my life to Christ and my thoughts of suicide were gone.

Al Wilder

I remember when I was younger wishing things were somehow different. It just seemed that some things would always be that way no matter how hard I tried, one Thursday in 2004 I asked God for help and for a sign. That Saturday someone came and told me again about Jesus and I told him that I was already a Christian. He said that if I was a Christian then I should be in church. When I finally surrendered my heart to Jesus Christ He began to change me on the inside where I was no longer pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I can’t fully explain this joy that I have found.